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Ariel Bart (born March 98') is an aspiring harmonica player and composer from Israel.

Born in Israel in March 1998, Ariel Bart currently lives and works in Berlin. Ariel began playing the chromatic harmonica at the age of 7 and since then it's been her primary instrument. Over the years she recorded and performed with top musicians around New York and Israel including William Parker, Andrew Cyrille, Steve Swell, Achinoam Noa Nini, MikiGavrielov, Davis D’aor, and as a solo performer with The Jerusalem Orchestra East and West.

Ariel graduated from the New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC in May 2020. She is currently a master’s student at the “Eujam” (European Jazz Master) program. Over the years Ariel studied in Israel and New York City with the likes of Aaron Parks, Reggie Workman, Shai Maestro, Jane Ira Bloom, Anat Cohen, Anat Fort, Tony Malaby and others.

Ariel is working to extend the harmonica’s boundaries and make it more present by creating original music and collaborations with different bands worldwide.

Current Album

Ariel Bart - In Between

Ariel Bart - In Between

Mayu Shviro - Cello
Moshe Elmakias - Piano
David Michaeli - Double bass
Amir Bar Akiva - Drums
Ariel Bart - Harmonica

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Her debut album, “In Between”, was released in May 2021 on “Ropeadope Records”.
In the album, Ariel presents a unique approach to the harmonica and her composed melodies which are inspired by the European jazz tradition and the middle-eastern world.

When listening to the CD for the first time - without knowing any further information like cover text or photos - I thought I heard an instrument from the group of air-driven instruments like accordion or bandoneon. The sounds were so powerful, intense and differentiated that they could not have come from the small harmonica. I even had associations with the bandoneon of Astor Piazolla: sounds, playing style, the dramatic in the themes, the emotional effect. Some time ago I had the opportunity to interview Astor Piazolla. When asked about a possible influence of jazz on his music, the creator of Tango Nuevo replied, "No, not musically, but from the aesthetics of the way of playing very much". Applied to Ariel Bart, it could read, "Musically it's not the music of Astor Piazolla, but aesthetically it certainly is."


  • LIGHT IN THE RAIN”, William Parker (2020)
  • From Trencadís (a selection from Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World)
  • “MEXICO”, William Parker (2020)
  • From Trencadís (a selection from Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World)
  • “The Center Will Hold”, Steve Swell (Not Two Records, 2020)


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