Claire Parsons

"... we witnessed a surprising performance. Charisma, heavenly vocals, beautiful analog synth basses and dazzling guitar parts." - Robin Boer, (2019)


Claire Parsons, born in Luxembourg in 1993, is a Luxembourgish jazz singer of English origin whose interest in music came at the young age of 5, where she started playing the classical piano at the Conservatory of Luxembourg. She later studied other instruments such as classical and electrical guitar at the age of 9, jazz piano at the age of 15, classical and jazz vocals at the age of 16. She got her master's degree in 2020 in jazz vocals at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the supervision of the internationally renowned Belgian jazz singer David Linx and pianist Diederik Wissels.

Being a musician and composer in many bands allowed her to play on many national and international stages and festivals and have made her be noticed in the world of jazz & pop music.
Nominated in two categories at the Luxembourg Music Awards, she won the prize of “Best Upcoming Musician” in 2018. In 2019 she won the “First Prize Albert Michiels” at the B-Jazz International Contest in Belgium and in 2020 the first prize at the “Jazz Maastricht Professional Awards” with the project Aishinka.

After releasing her first EP «OnOff» with the Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo in 2019, she released her first album ‘In Geometry’ with her Quintet in May 2020 under the label Double Moon Records.

Current album

Claire Parsons - In Geometry

Claire Parsons - Vocals, Compositions, Lyrics
Eran Har Even - Guitars
Jérôme Klein - Piano, Keys, Percussions
Pol Belardi - Bass
Niels Engel - Drums
Charles Stoltz - Production, Backing Vocals

Claire Parsons 'In Geometry' is a multinational collaboration between Luxembourgian-British singer Claire Parsons, Israeli guitarist Eran Har Even, French-Luxembourgian drummer and pianist Jérôme Klein, Luxembourgian bassist Pol Belardi and drummer Niels Engel. Based in Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam, the project is an energetic contribution to the ever-evolving modern European jazz sound.

Their first album 'In Geometry' is the result of Claire's search for her own musical identity and is inspired by compositional techniques that explore geometric shapes and their impact on the theoretical and practical world of music. Each of the musicians brings their own vision and style to the music, creating a very intimate and exciting atmosphere with the intention of creating harmony and balance within the existing environment. The album reveals their wide influences, ranging from jazz, folk, electro, pop, rock to classical music.

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  • In Geometry, 2020
  • EP "OnOff" mit dem Duo Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even, 2019

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