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Clara Vetter, Photo: Max Treutner


Clara Vetter is a German jazz musician.

Pianist and composer Clara Vetter (*1996) has devoted almost her entire life to music and other creative processes. She completed her bachelor's degree in jazz piano at the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts in 2018, was awarded the Stuttgart Steinway&Sons Förderpreis in the same year, and completed her master's degree at the Copenhagen Rytmisk Music Conservatory in 2019 - 2021.

Naturalness, "being organic" is what fascinates her most about art and thus her music always goes towards a complex, yet flowing liveliness.

Current Album

Clara Vetter - Leading Impulse

Clara Vetter - Leading Impulse

Clara Vetter - Piano
Jakob Obleser - Bass
Lucas Klein - Drums

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  • Leading Impulse


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