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Filippa Gojo, Photo: Xenia Duerr


Filippa Gojo is an Austrian jazz singer.

Even as a little girl, Filippa Gojo was nicknamed "opera singer" when she was pushed through the supermarket singing in a baby carriage. Although her focus has since shifted more to the broad field of jazz, her passion for her instrument has remained the same.

When her jazz vocal studies took her from her hometown of Bregenz to the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, she was soon in the thick of things with German jazz greats and renowned ensembles such as the WDR Bigband, as well as her own quartet.

After graduating with a degree in jazz singing, Filippa went on to earn her master's degree in her adopted hometown as well. In 2014 she was the first singer to be awarded the city of Cologne's Horst and Gretl Will Scholarship for jazz and improvised music, and in 2015 she and her "Filippa Gojo Quartet" received both the band prize of the New German Jazz Award and the soloist prize. Two years later, she was presented with the Fördergabe of the State of Vorarlberg in recognition of her artistic work to date.

For several years Filippa Gojo has been teaching jazz singing at the Musikhochschule Freiburg.

Workshops with Sidsel Endresen, Norma Winstone, Jay Clayton and Brad Mehldau, among others

"(...) And only very few singers can do that: entrust the unspeakable to the sound and an extremely differentiated rhythm" (Hans-Jürgen Linke, FAZ).

Current Album

Filippa Gojo Quartett - Seesucht

Filippa Gojo – Gesang
Sebastian Scobel – Klavier
David Andres – Kontrabass
Lukas Meile – Percussion

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Filippa Gojo sings the way other people breathe. With a matter-of-factness that doesn't care that you have to breathe to live, with a lightness that completely eclipses how artful her singing is, and with a self-confidence that doesn't need any vain show-offs of virtuosity.

Her program "Seesucht" combines her passion for Brazilian music and the Vorarlberg roots of the Bregenz native in such a sophisticated way that lightness and profundity, exuberance and calm, as well as Brazilian language and Vorarlberg dialect come together in a logical consequence.

Filippa Gojo and her quartet succeed in the feat of celebrating an outstanding voice and at the same time letting it merge into music. The band has long since proven its impact on audiences - for example, by winning the New German Jazz Award in Mannheim in 2015.


  • Georg Breinschmids „Breinländ“, 2018
  • Filippa Gojo Quartett „Seesucht“, 2017
  • phase : : vier „Balkongeflüster“, 2017
  • Filippa Gojo und Sven Decker „daheim“, 2016
  • Thoneline Orchestra „Black & White Swan", 2015
  • Beam! „Pure“, 2015
  • Solo-Album „vertraum", 2015
  • Classica Brasiliana, 2014
  • Andreas Schickentanz "Chimera", 2013
  • Filippa Gojo Quartett "Nahaufnahme", 2013
  • The Willit Blend „Rainbow’s End“,2013
  • Maxime Bender Orchestra "Fellowship", 2012
  • Thoneline Orchestra "Panta Rhei", 2011
  • Maxime Bender Group "Follow the Eye", 2011

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