Welcome to JazzDayGermany e.V.

JazzDayGermany 2024

Get to know jazz musicians and bands here who inspire us and accompany us with their music. They come from Germany, the German-speaking countries, Europe and the whole world. Together with them we want to show how diverse, creative, inspiring and entrancing jazz music is. Together we celebrate the day that is "our" day: the International Jazz Day on April 30.

JazzDayGermany e.V. was founded under the impression of the Covid 19 pandemic. Concerts and festivals cancelled, clubs closed, no more joint rehearsals. Hard times, which also made life and survival difficult for jazz musicians. An entire genre was in danger of becoming completely invisible

That's why we created this virtual presentation space. In 2020, the first 50 musicians introduced themselves. With a video statement, their biography, a list of their albums and a selected piece of music, they provided insight into their work.

In 2024, our fifth year of existence, Covid-19 is no longer as prominent. Our commitment has steadied regardless. Already 150 jazz musicians can be found on our platform. We can now count jazzahead!, the Polish foundation JazzState, Women in Jazzmedia, the Jazz Federation Hamburg and the Worldwide Sax Alliance from Uruguay among our partners. At jazzahead! 2022 in Bremen, we were represented with our own booth.

All this makes us happy, of course, and encourages us to keep moving forward. We will make it schwing!