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Joel Locher is a German jazz musician.

Joel Locher was born in Stuttgart in 1982 and started piano and cello lessons at the age of 5. In 1994 he received his first double bass lessons from his father. He became interested in jazz at the age of ten. This was followed by various prizes at Jugend Musiziert. As a young student, he began studying double bass with Prof. Ulrich Lau at the Stuttgart University of Music. From 1998 to 2001, Joel Locher was solo double bassist in the Stuttgart Youth Chamber Orchestra and in 2001 and 2002, he was a member of the Festival Orchestra of the International Bach Academy Stuttgart.2004-2005, he was a trainee with the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra.During all these years, he was increasingly involved with jazz and performed in a wide variety of formations.

He toured with Wawau Adler Group, Gismo Graf Trio, Sandro Roj Quartett, Frank Kuruc Quartett, Bireli Lagrene,Alex Riel,Phillipp Catherine, Jim Rotondi,Roby Lakatos,Scott Hamilton,Martin Taylor,Charly Antolini,Manfred Josel,Patrick Manzecchi, Willy Ketzer, Joo Kraus, Ralf Schmid, Robin Nolan, Jermaine Landsberger Trio, André Weiß Trio, Marian Petrescu, Giovanni Weiß, Ludovig Beier, Robert Giegling Quintett, Jonny Rosenberg, Mozes Rosenberg Trio,S tochelo Rosenberg Trio, Cyrille Aimée,Tony Lakatos, Obi Jenne, Max Greger Jr.,Bernd Reiter,Evan Christopher, Paulo Morello, Michael Keul, Frank Roberscheuten, Dusko Gojkovich, David Gazarov, Andre Ceccarelli,Zipflo Weinrich,Tony Lakatos, Peter Fessler, PUR, James Blunt, Marc Marshall, Pee Wee Ellis,Sebastien Giniaux,Gee Hye Lee, Ron Williams,Jörg Seidel,Rainer Böhm, Olivia Trummer Trio,Andreas Öberg, Jerome Goldsmith,Adrian Mears, Ellen und Bernd Marquart,Holzmano Lagrene,Sebastian de Krom ( Drummer von Jamie Cullum),Armin Heitz,Marcel Löffler,Lorenzo Petrocca,Thilo Wagner,Tania Maria,Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Chihiro Yamanaka,Jörg Widmoser,Kuno Schmid,Jörg Reiter,Tim Kliphuis,Torsten Goods,Wesley G, Gregor Hübner,Andy Herman,Matthias Danneck,Guido May,Daniel Schnyder,Stephan Zimmermann,Martin Schrack,Emil Mangelsdorf,Olaf Polziehn,Diknu Schneeberger,Hajo Hoffmann,Torsten Krill, Michael Kersting, Titi Winterstein,Klaus Reichstaller …

Tours to Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Australia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Mozambique, France, England, Poland, Italy, Finland, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland etc.

A special meeting was in 2015 in Oslo at the Cosmopolite with Ulf Wakenius, Philipp Catherine, Marian Petrescu and the Norwegian bass legend Arild Andersen.

Current Album

Joel Locher - Intensity of Bass

Joel Locher - Intensity of Bass

We have already mentioned here from time to time that the double bass has been playing a leading and solo role in jazz for a long time. So we are particularly pleased when a virtuoso like Joel Locher - we know him well as part of the trios of Wawau Adler, Gismo Graf and Olivia Trummer - finally steps out of the shadows with his own album. In this case it is called Intensity of Bass, and the title is also the programme.

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You can't call Joel Locher a "discovery", he has been too prominent in jazz in the past, but here we find the brilliant Gypsy jazz player in a pleasing new role, namely as a leader, composer and as a grand master of a multi-faceted modern jazz. Eight of the thirteen pieces on the album were written by him, one each by fellow players Sandro Roy, André Weiß, Jermaine Landsberger and Wawau Adler. And Joel Locher borrowed the title "Englishman in New York" from Sting and arranged it into a wonderfully swinging piece of gypsy jazz. Martinique" by Wawau Adler also swings in a rousing Zigan sound, a shimmering pearl.

The ensemble that Joel Locher has gathered around him for his debut is exquisite, with many names ringing out: Gismo Graf, Joschi Graf, Jermaine Landsberger, Pee Wee Ellis and above all the fantastic Wawau Adler.

Joel Locher and his friends serve us a good hour of inspired jazz, fast-paced as in André Weiß' "Joel's Groove", ethereal as in "Klappe, die Dritte", dreamlike as in the crossover "Fantasie pour Carina" and even with a successful salute to the traditions of gypsy jazz here and there.

"Intensity of Bass" is a thoroughly telling title for a brilliant, versatile album that shows the double bassist Joel Locher in his many facets and has earned our award, the Musenkuss. A recommendation for jazz lovers of all tastes.


  • Joel Locher Intensity of Bass 2018
  • Olivia Trummer Trio Nach Norden (Neuklang 2006, mit Marcel Gustke sowie Libor Sima)
  • Wawau Adler Back to the Roots (Satin Doll Productions 2006)
  • Olivia Trummer Trio Westwind (Neuklang 2008, Bestenliste 3. Quartals 2008 beim Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, mit Bodek Janke, sowie Matthias Schriefl)
  • Wawau Adler Here’s to Django (minor music 2010, mit Mano Guttenberger, Katarzyna Krzyminska)
  • Frank Kuruc Quartett Still (HGBS 2015, mit Gee Hye Lee Torsten Krill)


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