Kuba Płużek

Worldwide Sax Alliance (WSA) & JazzDayGermany presents Kuba Płużek

Kuba Płużek (*02.11.1988 in Cracow) is a Polish jazz musician.

Born 1988, in Krakow, he studied at the Katowice Academy of Music, in the Jazz and Popular Music Department.

He is one of the most talented and creative instrumentalists on the Polish jazz scene. His creativity is characterized by a wide-ranging musical imagination, absolute control of his instrument, and electrifying power of expression.

A provocative spirit in the musical world, with a bold virtuosity, whose intriguing compositions are rich with diffuse and fragmented phrasing, he balances harmonic coherence on a fine line with sensitivity, and opens a world of true jazz of the highest grade before the listener.

A finalist at the Montreux Piano Competition, he's won or been a finalist at many jazz competitions in Poland and international jazz competitions.

Photo credits: Szymon Ratajczyk

Worldwide Sax Alliance (WSA) & JazzDayGermany

Worldwide Sax Alliance (WSA)
Worldwide Sax Alliance (WSA) & JazzDayGermany
Worldwide Sax Alliance (WSA) & JazzDayGermany

We present our international collaboration with the WSA. Through this partnership, we aim to build a cultural bridge between Latin American, European and American artists by creating a professional alliance for promotional, communicative and future face-to-face activities, creating additional sources of income for musicians in these difficult times.

The Worldwide Sax Alliance (WSA) is an international organization founded at the beginning of the pandemic (2020) by Uruguayan saxophonist Patricia Lopez. Based in Montevideo, WSA aims to promote and support the work of outstanding musicians of all instruments and musical genres.

Thanks to our active presence in social networks, constant dissemination and joint work, the WSA and JazzDayGermany attract the attention of connoisseurs, enthusiasts, journalists and professional musicians from all over the world, strengthening our mutual collaboration and confirming that "The alliance between musicians is the energy that moves us".

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