Matti Klein Soul Trio

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Matti Klein Soul Trio, Photo: Rob Stirner

Matti Klein Soul Trio

The man has a full bass player in his left hand, is on a first-name basis with the groove and is not afraid of odd time signatures: Matti Klein and his Matti Klein Soul Trio have been moving clubs and halls for quite a while now, and not just in this country. The Berlin pianist has gone completely analogue and plays classic electric pianos from Rhodes and Wurlitzer alongside the grand piano - a clear statement. An important part of Klein's brand essence is his Fender Rhodes piano bass with the distinctive orange bonnet. The soft, gnarled sound of the little box (who doesn't think of Ray Manzarek from the Doors) is of course not the sole reason for the trio's signature sound. Wind player Lars Zander plays not only the sax but also the bass clarinet, which he undauntedly gets to grips with using all kinds of effect devices. Occasionally he takes on the bass role of the pianist so that he can free himself up to solo. Drummer André Seidel, who already played on the previous album Mo' Blow, confidently secures the beat and also sets his own accents as a soloist.

Before Matti started sailing under his own name, he had already been travelling the oceans of cultivated musical entertainment for some time. He signed on with Ed Motta and Herbert Grönemeyer, among others, and shared the stage with Nils Landgren and Torsten Goods. In 2007, Matti joined Mo' Blow, a band that toured diligently for a good decade and also paid homage to the groove. After the end of this much-praised quartet in 2016, he continued in 2017 with his very own thing, the Matti Klein Soul Trio.

The grooving trinity is occasionally reinforced by vocalists such as Max Mutzke and Pat Appleton, who use the tailwind of the combo for their vocal performances.

The band's music - warm, groovy, driving and sometimes ecstatic - is deeply rooted in the soul jazz of the 60s and 70s, yet sounds timelessly fresh and is clearly great fun for the trio. This is exactly how we want it!


2008: Mo’ Blow: Funkatristic (Neuklang)
2010: Peter Tenner Jazz Orchester; 10117 Berlin (Mons Records)
2011: Defne ŞahinYaşamak (Double Moon Records)
2011: Mo’ Blow For Those About to Funk (ACT)
2011: Herbert Grönemeyer: Schiffsverkehr (EMI Music)
2013: Mo’ Blow Gimme the Boots (ACT)
2015: DePhazz Garage Pompeuse – The Berlin Session – (Edel)
2016: Mo’ Blow Live in Berlin with Special Guests (ACT)
2017: Edward Maclean: Me & You (r3w records)
2020: Matti Klein Soul Trio (Shuffle Shack)
2021: Matti Klein Soul Trio: Soul Trio Live On Tape (Shuffle Shack)

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