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Max Andrzejewski, Photo: Dovile Sermokas


Max Andrzejewski (*1986) is a drummer and composer, living in Berlin.

His energetic musical work between Jazz, Rock, contemporary composition and improvised music brings him all over the world for concerts and composition commissions.
The „maverick aesthete“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung) Max Andrzejewski studied drums at KHM Cologne and JIB Berlin. His own band HÜTTE won one of the biggest German Jazz Prices - Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis 2013.

He also plays in and writes music for the experimental duo TRAINING and the brand new chamber musical group „Stemeseder Andrzejewski LIGHT/TIED“. Max played many international festivals.

Max composes contemporary music - commission works include works for Podium Festival Esslingen, Ensemble Resonanz, HAW Chor Hamburg with saxophone quartet Clair Obscur and percussion quartet Elbtonal, aDevantgarde Festival Munich, Berliner Ensemble, Thalia Theater Hamburg, Münchner Kammerspiele, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Maxim Gorki Theater a.o.

Current Album

Elias Stemeseder & Max Andrzejewski - Light/Tied

Biliana Voutchkova - violin
Lucy Railton - cello
Christian Weidner - alto saxophone
Joris Rühl - clarinet, bass clarinet
Elias Stemeseder - piano, synthesizers, composition
Max Andrzejewski - drums, composition

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"light/tied" radiates a lunatic calm. Sensitivity and fragility run through composition, improvisation and production. Thus, the album creates an intense (electro-)acoustic experience. Despite the complexity of some of their compositions, Andrzejewski and Stemeseder never flaunt the virtuosity of their top-class ensemble. It is precisely through this modesty that the album is most unusually touching.

Elias Stemeseder and Max Andrzejewski can be assigned to a post-genre movement. They are in great demand as soloists, improvisers and composers in various intersections of contemporary musical expression. After years of intense collaboration in various projects (including Anna Webber Percussive Mechanics and KIM Collective), the idea for their own joint project emerged in 2018. The two musicians strove for a compositional, chamber music challenge in which improvisation is on an equal footing with composition.

The result is "light/tied", a sextet of strong soloists, whose pieces Stemeseder and Andrzejewski composed independently of each other, but partly on the basis of the same source material. In post-production, the separation between Andrzejewski's and Stemeseder's compositions was partially removed. Pieces were taken apart, electronically alienated and reassembled in small parts.

The result glows from within. The music evokes calm, pause. Noise elements burst forth in the finest, most lyrical moments. Rugged towers of sound and contrapuntal refinement, sweeping fields of harmony and rhythmic microstructures are weightlessly intertwined. Fascinatingly brittle, noisily composed parts make Christian Weidner's clear lines shine even brighter.

Everything on this album is necessary, interwoven and luminous.


  • Zauberburg, Max Andrzejewski, April 2021
  • *x EP TRAINING, Fun in the Church, October 2020
  • light/tied, Elias Stemeseder & Max Andrzejewski, WhyPlayJazz, May 2020
  • Hütte & guests play the music of Robert Wyatt, Max Andrzejewski´s Hütte, WhyPlayJazz, September 2019

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