Monika Roscher

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Monika Roscher, Photo: Jacek Brun


Monika Roscher was born in 1984 in Langenzenn (Bavaria) and studied jazz guitar at the Munich University of Music. She founded the Monika Roscher Bigband in 2012 as part of her final thesis. The band attracted a lot of attention nationwide, as Roscher's original compositions combine many styles. There are big band brass sections, elements of rock, pop and electro, a brilliant sound dramaturgy.

Her big band's debut album Failure in Wonderland was released by Enja in 2012. Performances at jazz festivals in Germany, Austria and Italy followed. In 2016, the band released their second album Of Monsters and Birds, with whose programme they were invited to St. Petersburg and Istanbul. The third album Witchy Activities And The Maple Death was released in 2023 on Roscher's label Zenna Records. BR-Klassik wrote about the work, which was named jazz album of the month: "Gripping, magnificently played and stubbornly modern music. Jazz that once again demonstrates the unlimited possibilities of this music: between bombast rock, fricky electro and tongue-in-cheek circus music". It was honoured with the German Record Critics' Award and nominated for the German Jazz Award. The piece 8 Prinzessinnen received the German Jazz Award as Composition/Arrangement of the Year 2024.

In addition to her work with her big band, she composes soundtracks for cinema films, pieces for the band Moop Mama. She has received several awards for her theatre compositions, including for the Munich Residenztheater, Stadttheater Basel and Staatsschauspiel Dresden.


2012: Monika Roscher Bigband: Failure in Wonderland
2016: Monika Roscher Bigband: Of Monsters and Birds
2023: Monika Roscher Bigband: Witchy Activities and the Maple Death

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