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Drummer Sun-Mi Hong and vocalist Sanne Rambags receive Dutch music prize Edison Jazz 2021


Sun-Mi Hong & Sanne Rambags
Sun-Mi Hong & Sanne Rambags

The prestigious Dutch music prize Edison is one of the oldest in the world. It has been awarded since 1960 for "recordings of exceptional quality."

We are happy to announce that in 2021 two artists we presented at JazzDayGermany received this award.

We congratulate drummer Sun-Mi Hong and vocalist Sanne Rambags on their well-deserved success.

Jury on "A Self-Strewn Portrait" by Sun-Mi Hong: On her second album, A Self-Strewn Portrait, rising star Sun-Mi Hong sounds confident. With her own well-rehearsed band, drummer Mi Hong explores the possibilities of both free jazz and modern acoustic jazz, with through-composed pieces and freer passages in the tradition of the Wayne Shorter Quartet. Subtle and tentative one moment, driving percussion the next. World class.

Jury on Sanne Rambags: Close your eyes and listen: That's the best way to enjoy the music of the versatile Sanne Rambag. With Sonna, the name of her own label, she shows herself to be both a controlled and daring creative force. Jazz? World music? Pop? No: Sanne Rambag's music.


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