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jazzahead! 2022


jazzahead! 2022

From 28 April - 1 May 2022 to took place in Bremen, Germany, the trade fair jazzahead! 2022. At the jazzahead! the international professional world meets, musicians, labels and publicists, bookers and country representatives present themselves. JazzDayGermany e.V. was there for the first time.

Four exciting and eventful days, countless encounters, fantastic musicians, of course a lot of improvised music and all this in a great atmosphere: the team of JazzDayGermany e. V. would like to thank jazzahead! and all those who found their way to our booth.

There was plenty of reason for the JazzDayGermany team to be happy. We were very happy to personally welcome our partner from Poland, represented by Ms. Karolina Szewc from JazzState. Thus we could also seal our cooperation with a handshake. There was the booth that jazzahead! as our big cooperation partner provided us with for the first time. If the headline for jazzahead!2022 was "Together again", our motto was "First Time together".

Between the booths of ECM Records and Jazzthing we found ourselves perfectly placed. Many things were new for us, often we had to improvise, but: That is nothing to be ashamed of in a jazz context!

The visit of many musicians at our booth was also very pleasing. Not only did we welcome many of the artists we presented, but also interested people from all corners of the world stopped by. Some came more often and stayed longer, which we appreciated very much.

There were also many inspiring conversations and meetings with representatives of the professional world. Organizers and cultural representatives asked us about our work and exchanged ideas with us over coffee and Berliners.

Special thanks to Nicole Johänngten (sax) and Rachel Thierry (tr), who spontaneously joined us for a bluesy jam. We are honored!

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