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Meeting of the founding members JazzDayGermany in Kassel


Soltau, 01.09.2020 | On Sunday, August 23, 2020, the founding members of JazzDayGermany met in Kassel. As a result, a unique association has emerged in Germany, which not only supports cultural activities, but also connects musicians from all over the world.

The work of JazzDayGermany e.V. is based on the promotion of active musicians who perform jazz and contemporary music.

  • Presentation of the musicians and bands on its internet platform
  • Journalistic presentation of jazz
  • Establishment and maintenance of international relations of jazz musicians, jazz clubs and other cultural institutions worldwide
  • Realization and/or mediation of performance opportunities
  • Exchange and cooperation with institutions and associations with similar objectives

First steps towards cooperation have already been taken. Artists presented on the JazzDayGermany website are introduced internationally via WSA (Worldwide Sax Alliance, https://www.worldwidesaxalliance.com/ ) in Latin America and the USA. This will create a cultural exchange project between talented musicians from Latin America and Europe. Continuing our mutual collaboration, we will promote several artists and share all their great material with the world, creating a musician synergy in the world community.

The founding members: Martina Weinmar, Martina Hampe, Kat Pfeiffer, Cosmo Scharmer, Wolfgang Fricke, Rainer Ortag and Jacek Brun have elected the board of directors:
Jacek Brun (1.chairman), Martina Weinmar (2. chairman) and Rainer Ortag (treasurer).

The seat of the association is Soltau.

Vorstand JazzDayGermany
Vorstand JazzDayGermany: Jacek Brun, Martina Weinmar, Rainer Ortag

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