Nefertiti Quartet

After two albums, "Danses Futuristes" from 2015 and "Morse Code" from 2018, the band has developed its collective sound, a process deepened by the touring they have done.


Nefertiti Quartet is a French jazz band.

Delphine Deau - Piano
Camille Maussion - Saxophone
Pedro Ivo Ferreira - Bass
Pierre Demange - Drums

Nefertiti, named after a composition by Wayne Shorter, this poet who draws improbable lines in the sonic sky.... Delphine Deau has kept her passion for the work of creation. In this deceptively classical and incredibly stylish quartet (founded in 2013 with three comrades from the CRR in Paris), her compositions are literally staged.

We are far from the endless chronology that begins with the presentation of the theme and then leaves room for improvisation before finally returning to the theme. In Nefertiti, the form emerges when it becomes necessary, after the sounds have played themselves out independently in a kind of preliminary request - in an open exchange. Then, and only then, can the composition move forward. Obviously and - in a beautiful contradiction - liberating. For where the freedom of the sounds creates a tension, the singing and pulsing bring the certainty of a clear line that can be zigzagged or swirled with dotted polyrhythms.

In this proposed scenario, Camille Maussion's lyricism is an ideal extension of the lyricism of the great pianist. It is no coincidence that the saxophonist practices sound painting, works with dance, theater or a storyteller. The same goes for the drummer Pierre Demange, who is familiar with the film and circus world. His combination with the flexibility of Brazilian double bassist Pedro Ivo Ferreira is a joy of permanent movement.

After two albums that benefited from the experience and deepening of touring, the Nefertiti Quartet won the Euroradio Jazz Competition in 2019 (Pierre Demange doubled the stakes with the Best Soloist Award) and is winner of the Jazz Migration #5 program.

Current album

Nefertiti Quartet - Morse Code

This second album, recorded in May 2018 at Studio de La Buissonne, announces the return of the quartet after two years of touring in France and Europe. Behind the concept of Morse Code is, of course, the group's penchant for rhythm and polyrhythm. Nourished by various influences ranging from Lennie Tristano to Ben Wendel's "Kneebody", the compositions once again offer the quartet the opportunity to express all their virtuosity when composing is freed from all constraints.

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  • Morse Code, 2018
  • Danses Futuristes, 2015

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