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Ferenc Mehl, Photo: Rainer Ortag


Ferenc Mehl is a drummer, composer and educator based in Stuttgart, Germany.

He holds both an artistic as well as an educational Diploma from the Leipzig Conservatory of Music/Hochschule für Musik und Theater. Furthermore, he holds a master’s degree from the Musikhochschule Stuttgart. Besides that, he attended the Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Manhattan School of Music where he studied with John Riley, Jim McNeely and Phil Markowitz.

Aged 19, he went on tour with the youth Jazz Orchestra of Baden-Württemberg through Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Thailand, after which he decided to pursue a career in music. Since then countless concerts, records, shows and radio plays have accumulated. He's been on tour in Europe, Asia, Russia and has been part of the “Bundesjazzorchester”.

Besides performing, Ferenc Mehl has a profound interest in teaching and passing on the art of drumming. Thus, he taught at Musikschule Johann-Sebastian-Bach Leipzig, Kreismusikschule Nordsachsen, Musikschule Stuttgart. His students range from age 6 to 60. Because he could not find teaching material that suited the needs of all his students, Ferenc also published an educational book.

Current Album

FUMMQ - Ferenc und Magnus Mehl Quartett: Broken Circle​

Magnus Mehl - alto saxophone
Ferenc Mehl - drums
Martin Schulte - guitar
Fedor Ruskuc - bass

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"When the Stuttgart saxophonist Magnus Mehl sets to work, an unconditional passion for jazz speaks from each of his notes. passion for jazz - that makes his multi-faceted, blazing playing incredibly infectious. his multifaceted, blazing playing is tremendously infectious. He has a congenial partner in his brother Ferenc, who swirls, drives and shapes on drums and cymbals. With their quartet, which they FUMMQ, they have now recorded an album in the legendary MPS studio in Villingen that stands out. that stands out. Magnus Mehl's playing explodes eruptively in "Coupe to Moscow". Moscow", it glows in artfully modulated scales in "Traumtänzer", it glides along in a hypnotic maelstrom in "Traumtänzer". in a hypnotic maelstrom in "Smooth". Like an echo, guitarist Martin Schulte picks up with guitarist Martin Schulte picks up balls with a clear guitar sound and plays them back ("Broken Circle"). through wild bop scales or embellishes lyrically. Fedor Ruskuc on double bass provides the rhythmic backbone and is far more than just an accompanist. accompanist. Without exaggeration, already one of the jazz albums of the year.
Stuttgarter Zeitung 2018 / Bernd Haasis


  • FUMMQ - Ferenc und Magnus Mehl Quartett: Broken Circle​, 2018

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