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Fola Dada, Photo: Annette Cardinale


Fola Dada is a German singer. Her spectrum includes jazz, soul and pop.

In addition to her work as a singer, Fola Dada teaches as a professor of jazz/pop singing and dance. She continues to work as the director of a school for singing as well as a coach.

The studied musician can refer to a stage career of many years. It all began with her love of tap dancing, which gave her her first artistic experience. After her music studies she was able to gain a lot of experience in various bands. This was followed by her first engagement at a German music academy, her engagement for DSDS and as a vocal coach for Supertalent.

She is the front woman of the band Hattler, singer of the SWR Bigband. With her own compositions she celebrates numerous successes, is a welcome guest with well-known artists. Her trademarks are variety, high musicality, charisma. All of this together can cast a spell over the audience.

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Current Album

Fola Dada & Rainer Tempel - Amherst

Fola Dada – Voice
Rainer Tempel - Piano

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The scoring of poems forms a genre of its own: Lyrics, Poems. The old German "Lyrik und Jazz" is less appropriate here, since large parts of Amherst refer to the tradition of Anglo-American songs. Piano playing corresponding with classical lieder (songs) can also be heard. Other titles could well come from musicals, at least that's how they sound. Also some bars of jazz are to be discovered, such a light swinging in boogie-woogie manner.

But that is not essential. What is essential is the attempt to not only let the lines of the poems speak with one's own voice and corresponding music, but to act as a song and thereby strengthen the artistic statement. Of course, the content of a sung text is essential. Well, apart from (quasi) native speakers, it requires greater effort if the text should be understood. Especially with lyric poetry, which often appears hermetic, i.e. "closed", text analysis is necessary for this. Those who don't want to or can't do that, let themselves be influenced by the music alone, by the way of singing.

At Amtherst, this seems to be possible. Pianist Rainer Tempel, who conceived the music for this project, and singer Fola Dada, try their own way, a difficult mediation of text and music. Thereby the music shows less lyrical elements than assumed. If it does, it is due to Fola Dada's intonation. The piano playing favors accentuated rhythms, powerfully struck chords that can sometimes rise to dramatic aspects. Both rely in their music on the temptation of the human voice and the emotional impact of piano soundscapes.

Text: Cosmo Scharmer


  • Fola Dada: Live at Bix 2017, Earth 2018
  • Rainer Tempel & Fola Dada: Boston, MA 2018, Amherst, MA 2020
  • Hattler: the big flow 2008, live cuts I 2009
  • gotham city beach club suite 2010, Bass Cuts 2011
  • the kite 2013, live in Glems 2013, live cuts II 2014, warhol holidays 2016
  • bass ball 2017, velocity 2018
  • SWR Bigband: the best of southwest 2011, kings of swing 2013
  • Kings of Swing II 2016, live at Elbphilharmonie 2017
  • Daniel Stelter: KrikelKrakel 2012, Little Planets 2015, Humming Songs 2017
  • Jeff Cascaro: love and blues in the city 2017
  • DADA: Dada 2011, Bunter 2015
  • Ralf Hesse: Light up my day 2014
  • Bartmes: modular soul 2012, flowmotion 2013
  • Söhne Mannheims: barricades of eden 2012
  • Umbo Umschaden: The cultivated dilettante 2013
  • Laith Al Deen: The last of your kind 2011
  • Meerestief: the remedy 2007
  • Joy Denalane: Mamani 2002
  • Markus Kössler: Dolomiti Carrera 2009

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