Synesthetic 4

The music of Synesthetic 4 oscillates between jazz, avant-garde club sounds and hip-hop. ORF


Vincent Pongrácz - cl
Peter Rom - g
Manuel Mayr - b
Andreas Lettner - dr

Synesthetic 4 is a jazz quartet from Austria.

The music of Synesthetic 4 oscillates between jazz, avant-garde club sounds and hip-hop. ORF
"Pickdem" is a really exciting work of four exceptional artists, who once again underline their passion for new and unusual things with this album. Absolutely recommended! Alexander Kochman

The quartet Synesthetic 4 emphasizes dynamic precision with an inimitable narrative touch. Its repertoire ranges from melodic to manic and encompasses a wide variety of uncolored timbres. The driving force behind this formation is renowned clarinetist Vincent Pongracz, who has been blending jazz and hip-hop with the Synesthetic Octet for many years, employing new music tones and Dadaist weirdness. By largely eschewing musical embellishments, Synesthetic 4 is far less eclectic in its approach than the Octet. Audiences can expect a captivating experience in which musical reduction is pushed to the max.

The Austrian band Synesthetic 4 consists of Vincent Pongracz, Peter Rom, Manuel Mayr and Andreas Lettner. They are perhaps the first group in history to promote their new album "Pickedem" with a dada rap flash mob video at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Current album

Synesthetic 4 - Br Taka Boom

Synesthetic 4 - Br Taka Boom
Peter Rom - guitar
Manuel Mayr - bass
Andreas Lettner - drums
Vincent Pongrácz - clarinet, vocals

The saxophonist, clarinetist, electronic artist and composer has a new album out: with the Synesthetic4 he once again ventures into a musical frontier.

Experimental is an auxiliary term: between jazz, hip hop, rap, electronics and free improvisation, Vincent Pongracz maneuvers daringly through his sonic universe. He wanted to "take liberties, allow things and put elements in an unusual light." In any case, the Viennese clarinettist and saxophonist shakes things up - with his music, his beats, his language... Lukas Meissl, Concerto 05 2020

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  • Synesthetic 4 - Pickedem, 2019

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